Lead generation for mortgage brokers

Mortgage brokers are at the heart of the home-buying process. They serve as intermediaries between potential homebuyers and lending institutions, making it easier for consumers to secure the best mortgage deals. However, just like any other business, mortgage brokers face the challenge of acquiring new clients. 

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What is lead generation?

In simple terms, lead generation involves attracting potential clients (leads) who may be interested in your services. For mortgage brokers, this means finding individuals who are in the market to purchase a home or refinance their existing mortgage.

lead generation mortgage brokers

Why is lead generation essential for mortgage brokers?

The real estate and mortgage industries are incredibly competitive. With numerous mortgage brokers vying for a limited number of clients, it becomes imperative to have a systematic approach to bring in new business. Mortgage broker leads are the lifeblood of a broker’s business, ensuring a consistent stream of potential clients.

Leveraging digital channels for mortgage lead generation

lead generation mortgage brokers



With more people searching for mortgage information online, having a digital presence is essential. Techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can help mortgage lead brokers rank higher on search engines, making it easier for potential clients to find them.


Social media

Instagram and Facebook allow precision targeting based on factors like location, age, demographics, and even topics users are browsing. Such detailed targeting ensures that your ads reach those most likely to require mortgage services.


Google search

Google Search is pivotal in lead generation for mortgage brokers. By identifying and ranking for specific keywords potential clients use when searching for mortgage services, you position yourself at the forefront of their search results.


Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Display Network (GDN), with its vast collection of websites, allows brokers to place their ads on relevant sites, targeting users based on various parameters, including location, age, demographics, financial status, and interests.

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Remarketing is about second chances. By retargeting individuals who’ve previously visited your website, you stay top of mind, nudging them to consider your services again.



Newsletter/eDM focuses on the power of direct communication. Owning a list of potential clients is invaluable. Offering free products, guides, or checklists in exchange for email addresses bolsters your eDM database, giving you a direct line to engage potential mortgage leads for brokers.


Google My Business reviews

Happy clients are the cornerstone of any successful business, and in the age of digital transparency, their positive feedback can significantly boost your lead generation efforts. Google reviews serve as testimonials for potential clients who are researching mortgage services online. When prospective clients see positive Google reviews, it establishes trust and credibility for your business. Such endorsements can often be the deciding factor for someone choosing between multiple mortgage lead brokers. In essence, every positive review acts as a beacon, drawing in more mortgage broker leads and amplifying your digital presence.

Make sure to have your Google My Business Account set up and that you share your Google review link available in your account with your happy customers to make the most out of this valuable free platform.


Referral programs

One of the most effective ways to acquire mortgage agent leads is through referrals. Happy clients are often willing to refer friends or family to a broker they trust. This can be based on the great experience pervious clients had or it can be facilitated by offering different incentives for existing clients if they connect you with a new buyer who gets their mortgage through you.

Conclusions for mortgage brokers

For optimal lead generation for mortgage brokers, the strategy should hinge on:

Strong strategy and branding: This solidifies your market position and makes you memorable.

Outstanding online presence: A seamless blend of your website, campaign landing pages, and social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for those with video content.

Detailed targeting in digital channels: Ensure that your ads and messages reach the most relevant audience.

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lead generation mortgage brokers

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Continuous campaign optimisation: Regular tweaks and improvements to get the best results.

Monthly reporting: Tracking your ROI is vital. It provides insights and directs future strategies.

By integrating these pillars into your approach, not only can you generate leads for mortgage brokers, but you can also ensure a steady stream of quality mortgage broker leads that convert.

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A Better success story – Allianz Retire+

Allianz, a renowned global insurance company, entered a joint venture with PIMCO to launch a new entity in Australia called Allianz Retire+.

The goal of our client was to launch the new Allianz Retire+ brand into the Australian market, to build a brand synonymous with retirement, and to create awareness and familiarity with their new retirement products – Future Safe.

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A Better success story – NGS Super

NGS Super is the leading industry superfund in the education and community sectors.

In 2021 The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) published MySuper Performance Test that featured Super Funds that failed the performance test. The funds with failed Superfund products were required to inform their members about the outcomes of this test.

This provided a great set-up for NGS Super to attract potentially unhappy customers through communication.


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lead generation mortgage brokers

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Don’t just take our word for it – the proof of how we can make things better for your business is in the glowing feedback from our happy clients about digital marketing services we provide in the financial services field.

Fiona Lake – Marketing Director, Allianz Retire+

“Haissam is the consummate professional, very passionate about his clients (and their business), and always went out of his way to give me 120%. He is extremely honest and would tell me if I was ‘wasting’ money. I often used him as a sounding board for creative. I highly recommend Haissam and can vouch for the fact he is a lovely person to boot!“

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How do I start with lead generation for my mortgage brokerage?

Begin by identifying your target audience. Once you have a clear understanding and a clear strategy and message, employ a mix of digital marketing, use reviews for your advantage and implement referral programs to attract potential leads.

lead generation mortgage brokers

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Are online mortgage leads as valuable as referrals?

While referrals often come with a built-in trust factor, online leads represent a broader segment of the market. Both have their advantages, and a balanced approach can yield the best results.

How do I ensure the quality of my mortgage leads?

Quality often trumps quantity. Engage with your leads, understand their needs, and pre-qualify them. This will ensure you spend your time and resources on leads with a genuine interest in your services.

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Can I buy mortgage leads for brokers?

While some brokers consider buying mortgage leads, it’s a route we don’t recommend. The quality of these leads is often inconsistent, making it a gamble.

Incorporate these insights and methods into your strategy, and you’ll find that generating leads for mortgage brokers becomes a more straightforward and rewarding process.

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