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Your brand has a compelling story to tell but how do you make your voice heard in such a crowded market? You’ve got your campaigns sorted but what are the best places to advertise? And what channels are going to cut through the most with your target audience and give you the best bang for your advertising buck?


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You need a Better media company

A Better way to communicate – achieve more, sooner with our media planning and buying service.

Better is one of Sydney’s premier media agencies, providing the full range of media planning and buying services.

We’re experts in all key digital and traditional media channels, including social platforms, websites, search, display and programmatic, TV, radio, print and more.

Our targeted media services get better results for your brand

We get to know your business and your audience inside-and-out. Guided by your brand strategy and your ad campaign concepts, the Better team crafts a media plan and buying plan that’s tailored to your exact needs.

We’ll help you pinpoint how, when and where to communicate your message to your target audience, including key media channels you should focus on.

Leverage the power of online and offline media to engage your audience and maximise the return on your advertising spend. Talk to our media planning and buying team today.

Experience Better

Our detailed strategy also includes recommendations for targeting, information on audience sizes, and suggested media budget splits for each channel plus suggested timing.

With our expert knowledge and targeted approached – not to mention our competitive media rates – every dollar of your media budget works harder.

Which means your brand gets the exposure it needs to thrive, even in the most competitive of markets.

Why settle for good when you can have Better? Our media company in Sydney delivers Better results.

Some media agencies do a decent job at media planning and buying but it’s almost like they use the same approach for every client, recommending the same media, in the same mix, no matter what the industry.

That’s just not the way we work because we know your business deserves better.

We develop smart, targeted & cost-effective media campaigns to grow your business.

At Better, we say “no!” to out-of-the-box solutions. Unlike other media services, Better gets to know your business inside-and-out. Equally importantly, we get to understand what makes your audience tick.

Then we create a tailored strategy for your media planning and buying and provide recommendations for the best mix of media channels to ensure your voice is heard in a crowded market.

And our media services don’t end there – we constantly test and optimise your campaigns so you’re only spending your hard-earned money on initiatives that get the results you need.

With Better as your media agency, you can be sure that every recommendation, every execution – and ultimately every dollar you spend – is anchored back to your “bigger picture” and your overarching goals.

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  • Professional assessment of your media communication
  • Free expert advice on how to improve your media strategy
  • An actionable plan to achieve your goals

We’re obsessed with results and we work closely with our clients to help them achieve remarkable goals. Find out how we can do the same for you.

Reasons to choose Better

Want to know why businesses of all shapes and sizes choose Better as their media agency in Sydney? Here are just some of the reasons:


We’ve got decades of combined experience in media planning and buying. Our media strategists have the knowledge and the skills your business needs to achieve better results.


Our clients love working with us as much as we love working with them. Our friendly team provides transparent reporting and knows what it takes to build strong and enjoyable long-term relationships.

Value for money

We make every dollar of your advertising budget count. Our targeted media strategies are proven to provide more bang-for-your-buck and our strong relationships within the industry means we can secure highly competitive media rates.

Driven by results

Ultimately, everything we do is to make things better for you and your business. Talk to us today about your business goals and how better media planning and buying can help you achieve them.

No matter what size or stage your business is at, a Better media buying agency brings tangible benefits to your business

We Are Better harnesses the power of multiple forms of media to deliver targeted campaigns to help your business achieve bigger and better things. Learn more about how we approached media buying for our financial services clients.

Our team of experts is always on the lookout for ways to maximise the impact of your marketing communications. And our tailored media plans ensure your brand’s messages are consistent across all platforms for the best chance of success.

You deserve a Better digital media agency.


Backed by strong media planning, Better puts you on-track to increase your brand awareness, generate more leads and turbocharge your conversions.

And it doesn’t end there – Better also provides ongoing monitoring, reporting and optimisation of your campaigns and advertising mix to ensure you’re always getting the best value from your budget.

It’s how we get great results for big-name clients like Allianz Retire+. And it’s how we can get better results for your brand too.

How media planning can benefit your business



Let’s face it – media buying takes time and can be complicated. As a leading media services agency in Sydney, Better makes things simpler. Our strong industry connections and decades of combined experience streamline the process and charts a clear path forward for your business. The result is improved efficiency and better use of your business resources.


Budget tracking

Better helps you make the most of your advertising budget and takes the guesswork out of media planning and buying. Our comprehensive media plans include budget recommendations and budget split allocations to make budget tracking easier and more insightful.


Audience analysis

Knowing your target audience is crucial when you want to create messages which have an impact. When it comes to media planning, Better goes deeper than other media agencies – our in-depth audience analysis and segmentation services give you invaluable insights into what makes your audience tick and lets us target them with messages that resonate.


Testing & optimisation

In advertising and marketing, you’re only as good as your latest results. With decades of combined experience, our media team knows what works and what doesn’t. Our team constantly tests and optimises your campaigns and media mix so you’re only spending your money on initiatives that get the results you need.


Better results

Whatever your goals – increased brand awareness, more leads or increased conversions – our expert media planning and buying team can help deliver better results for your business.

Doesn’t your business deserves Better?

Simplify your media planning and buying and learn how our expert team can make things better for your business – contact us today.

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Got more questions?

What media channels should I use?

At Better, we do things differently. Unlike other media services, Better gets to know your business inside-and-out. And we get to understand what makes your audience tick. After we’ve analysed your business and your customer base, we provide detailed recommendations for the best mix of media channels to ensure your messages are heard in a crowded market.

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What does media planning and buying include?

When you partner with Better as your media agency in Sydney, we work with you to create a tailored strategy for your business, negotiate purchase of media on your behalf at great rates through our trusted network of contacts, and execute your ad campaign strategy.

With compelling ads placed in the optimal mix of media across multiple channels, you can expect better results from your marketing activities.

How much does media planning and buying cost?

At Better, we understand you need to work within a budget. We offer competitive media rates and work closely with you to ensure that our recommendations for the optimal media mix fit within your budget. So you can rest easy that you’re always getting the best return on your advertising investment.

Don’t you deserve a Better media agency?

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Do you provide media planning and buying services for clients in Sydney only?

Better is based in Sydney, and we offer media planning and buying services to clients throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart. Additionally, we work with clients based in Europe and in the United States.

Got more questions? We’ve got the answers! Contact us to find out how our media planning and buying services can make things better for your business.

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