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As a financial services media agency our expertise in financial media buying specifically for the financial services industry is not just a service; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to address the complexities of media placement in an ever-changing digital and non-digital landscape.

Understanding of financial media buying trends

The decline of print media, a trend that began around 20 years ago, has accelerated dramatically since the advent of COVID-19. Print titles have dwindled as digital media consumption has soared.

This shift has posed unique challenges, given that print advertising has traditionally been more effective in capturing consumer attention. Unlike digital media, where consumers often quickly scan through content, print media tends to engage readers more deeply, leading to a more lasting imprint.

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However, with digital media’s cluttered landscape, where numerous ads compete for attention on the same page, financial services companies now face the challenge of effectively capturing attention and conveying their messages to financial advisers and other potential clients.

In response to the shift in digital media buying for finance, as a specialist finance media agency we developed unique strategies to ensure that our clients’ marketing messages not only reach but also resonate with their target audiences so that it creates higher engagement similar to the levels achieved by established print publications.

As one of the best financial media buying companies in Australia, we guide our clients thorugh this challenging and complex process. 

Media planning and buying services for finance

At Better, we are not just a media buying agency; we are a partner invested in your success. Our unique blend of direct access to senior expertise, strategic publisher relationships, and a relentless pursuit of value sets us apart. Choose Better‘s media buying experience that is not just better, but that also outperforms competitor’s results.

Direct access to senior expertise

Regardless of your budget, you gain direct access to our most senior and experienced team members. We believe that every client, big or small, deserves the highest level of expertise.

First dibs on new publishing opportunities

Thanks to our long-standing publisher and media relations for financial firms, we often get first access to new advertising opportunities, giving our clients a crucial head start over their competitors. And on top of this we offfer affordable financial media buying solutions for all of our clients.

Collaborative and competitive rates with publishers

Our established relationships also mean publishers are more open to collaborative efforts with our clients and often offer us more competitive rates, further extending the value and impact of your marketing budget.

Unmatched value for your budget

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond service delivery. We advocate fiercely for every dollar you spend, ensuring that you receive the best possible value for your budget.

Decades of experience from media buying specialists for financial services

At Better, we bring over 20 years of dedicated experience in financial services marketing, encompassing media, strategy, and creative domains. We understand that these elements need to be seamlessly integrated for optimal results.

Local expertise with global insights

As expert financial media buyers rooted in Australia, we possess an intimate understanding of the local financial services industry. This local expertise, combined with our awareness of global trends, positions us to offer unparalleled service.

Driven by client success

Unlike agencies cushioned by global investor networks, our motivation is your success. We strive harder, challenge conventional approaches, and are committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive real results.

Advanced media buying in finance

Targeted digital media solutions for finance: recognising the crowded digital space, we focus on creating targeted campaigns that cut through the noise. This involves leveraging advanced data analytics to understand the behaviour and preferences of financial advisers, allowing us to tailor messages that are both relevant and engaging.

Programmatic advertising: we utilise programmatic advertising to place ads more efficiently. By analysing real-time data, we can dynamically buy advertising inventory, ensuring that our clients’ ads are displayed in the most targeted manner.

Contextual and behavioural targeting: our media buying service goes beyond basic demographics. We incorporate contextual and behavioural targeting to place ads in environments that align with the content being consumed by our target audience. This type of placement ensures higher relevance and engagement.

Steps to Better financial media buying


Exclusive financial publisher relationships

Our long-standing connections with industry publishers give our clients a distinct competitive edge:

First access to market innovations: Due to our strong relationships, publishers often provide us with early access to new advertising opportunities and innovative platforms, giving our clients the advantage of being market leaders.

Negotiation and cost efficiency: our negotiation skills, honed over years of industry experience, allow us to secure the best rates and placements, maximising the return on investment for our clients.

Client-centric approach

At Better, we pride ourselves on a client-centric approach:

Agility and responsiveness: the financial services market is ever-evolving, and so are our strategies. We are quick to adapt to market changes, ensuring that our clients always stay ahead.

Measurable results: using advanced analytics, we continuously measure and optimise our campaigns, providing our clients with tangible results and insights.

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How does Better adapt media buying strategies for the evolving financial services industry?

At Better, we’ve crafted specialised strategies to navigate the shift from print to digital. We focus on creating targeted digital campaigns, utilising programmatic advertising, and incorporating contextual and behavioural targeting. This ensures that our clients’ messages not only reach but also deeply engage with financial advisers and potential clients in a meaningful way.

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What benefits do Better's exclusive relationships with publishers offer to clients?

Our clients gain a significant competitive edge through our longstanding connections with industry publishers. This includes first access to market innovations and new advertising opportunities, as well as the ability to secure advantageous rates and placements, keeping our clients at the forefront of their field.

Why should I select Better for my financial services media buying requirements?

Choosing Better means you’re partnering with a team that provides direct access to senior expertise, regardless of your budget size. You benefit from exclusive opportunities in publishing and competitive rates that stretch your marketing dollar further. Our in-depth industry experience and nuanced understanding of both the local and global market dynamics position us as the premier choice for your media buying needs.

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How does Better guarantee that their media buying services deliver maximum value?

Our dedication to your success is at the heart of our service. We fiercely negotiate every dollar of your spend to ensure maximum value, and our innovative, results-driven solutions are designed to outperform and outlast those of our competitors. With Better, you receive not just a service, but a commitment to excellence and a partnership that thrives on achieving real, measurable outcomes.

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