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Long-term success – it all starts with a Better brand strategy.

You’ve worked hard at building your business but have you thought about where your brand is headed? Where are you now, and where do you want to be in 5 years’ time? What does your brand stand for? And what sets you apart from your competitors?


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But let’s face it – not everyone has the time or the resources to develop a roadmap for the future.

That’s where Better comes in.

As a leading brand strategy agency, Better takes the guesswork out of future-proofing your business because we work differently. We get to know your business inside-and-out, including your goals for the brand, what makes your audience tick, and potential threats from your competitors.

Why settle for good when you can have Better?

Why work harder when you can work smarter with a Better brand strategy?

With a Better brand strategy, every activity, every communication with your audience – and ultimately every dollar you spend – is anchored back to your “bigger picture” and achieving your goals.

Which gives you great return on your marketing and advertising budgets, creates brand loyalty and helps take your business to another level.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Talk to the experts about how a Better brand strategy can achieve bigger and better things for your business.

A Better brand strategy is your roadmap for the future

While catchy slogans and memorable logos are often the first things that come to mind when customers think about a brand, they’re only a small part of a successful brand strategy.

When Better creates your brand strategy, it’s like a roadmap for your business – it charts your goals and details how you’re going to achieve them. It guides every single marketing activity and communication and helps future-proof your business.

A strong brand strategy is the single most important pillar of your marketing and gives you the best chance to succeed in a highly competitive market. Quite simply, a well-planned and well-executed brand strategy from Better simplifies and streamlines all your marketing.

You’ll know where you’re headed and the steps needed to get there so you can turbocharge your business and take it to another level.

The strategy agency businesses trust for better results

At Better, our strategists work with businesses of all sizes and stages – from big name brands to up-and-coming niche players – to create strong brands that resonate with customers and stand out from the competition.

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, our collaborative and analytical approach to strategy brings clarity to what can seem a daunting task. We can help define your brand, solidify your positioning, build customer loyalty and pave the way to business success.

With our decades of combined experience and a proven track-record, Better has what it takes to let your business find its voice in a highly competitive market.

4 simple steps to a better brand strategy

Better is a premier Sydney-based brand strategy agency. Our process involves 4 simple – but powerful – steps to take your brand to the next level.


Understanding your business

In an ever-changing market, your brand needs to maintain a competitive edge.
Unlike many other strategy agencies, Better takes the time to get to know your business inside-and-out – like the issues you’re facing and your goals for the short- and long-term future.

Understanding the “bigger picture” facing your business means we can formulate a tailored strategy and set a benchmark for measuring your ongoing success.


Understanding your brand

What’s unique about your brand? What are your values? What do you want your customers to think or feel when they see your brand?

Understanding what sets your brand apart ensures that our strategy leverages your strengths builds loyalty.


Understanding your competitors, market, and audience

What are your competitors doing? How are they positioning their brands in a crowded market? Who’s your ideal target audience? Are there new audiences you want to engage with?

By understanding what’s happening in your brand’s broader competitive environment, Better’s strategy experts identify areas where your brand has advantages over your rivals. And because we understand what makes your audience tick, we can provide winning strategies for attracting and retaining their business.


Crafting your tailored brand strategy

This is where it all comes together! We take the results of our in-depth analysis of your goals, brand truths, competitors and audience and refine them into a tailored brand strategy that’s unique for your business.

Our strategy helps define your brand values, culture and personality and establish why customers should choose you over your competitors.

We recommend key messages for your target audience to ensure that all marketing and communications spark an emotional connection with your audience while being consistent, credible and aligned with your goals.

Want to find out more about how a better brand strategy can work wonders for your business? Talk to our expert strategists today!

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It’s boom time for your business with a Better strategy


As a premier Sydney-based brand strategy agency, Better can help your business achieve bigger and better things. Here are just some of the things we focus on when we build your targeted strategy.


Behind every great brand is a great story. Better works collaboratively with you to weave engaging stories for your brand which resonate with your target audience. No matter which medium, channel, or platform, your brand will be recognised and remembered for all the right reasons.

Product & services launches

About to take a new product or service to market? Don’t miss the opportunity to make a BIG splash. We’re the strategy agency that businesses of all sizes and stages trust to create compelling reasons to choose your brand over your rivals.


Current branding or strategy not getting the results you expect? Maybe it’s time to shake things up and go in a different direction. By honing your branding and marketing strategy, the team at Better can put you on-track for a more successful future.

Better results

Whatever your goals – increased brand awareness, more leads or increased conversions – a great strategy from the experts at We Are Better can help deliver better results for your business.

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Better success stories

Want proof of how a Better brand strategy can help businesses like yours succeed? From big-name household brands to up-and-coming niche players, check out the outstanding results our brand strategy agency has delivered for these happy clients.

Allianz Retire+

Better proposed a new approach towards retirement product communications which empowered retirees. Over a period of 2 years, Allianz Retire+ realised a 333% increase in unprompted brand awareness and a 160% increase in prompted brand awareness among their target audiences.

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The Collaroy Centre

Following an update to brand positioning, brand visuals and website design, The Collaroy Centre – a non-profit organisation –  realised a 92% increase in website enquiries plus a major boost in user engagement.

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Premier Home Finders

We re-positioned Premier Home Finders as a premium brand within the Sydney luxury property market sector, helping this established buyer’s agent business achieve a 67% increase in website conversion rates and a 185% increase in leads.

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Doesn’t your business deserves Better?


We’ve helped these brands achieve bigger and better things – we can do the same for you. Talk to the experts at our brand strategy agency today.

Why is brand strategy important?

People relate best to brands which align with their culture and values. Successful brands clearly define their position in the market by highlighting what sets their products, services or customer experience apart from their competitors.

Better strategy agency creates powerful brand strategies that pave the way for consistent and compelling messages in all communications.

Put simply, a Better brand strategy will help you attract – and retain – loyal customers who share the values of your brand, which helps your business achieve bigger and better things.

Become a Better client.

Do I really need a brand strategy?

While it’s possible for a business to succeed without a brand strategy, it makes all your marketing communications harder and reduces your chances of success. Without a clear brand strategy, you risk sending your audience mixed messages about your brand. The lack of cohesion can be jarring to your audience and result in losing their business.

It’s more effective – not to mention less expensive – to have a well-designed and well-executed strategy so that every aspect of your communication is consistent and compelling and truly reflects the values of your business.

Can you help me build a brand strategy?

The team at the Better brand strategy agency has decades of combined experience in digital marketing and brand strategy. So you can be sure we’ve got the skills to bring clarity and creativity to this complex marketing task.

Our strategists take the time to get to know your business inside-and-out – what you offer, what makes your audience tick and how they perceive your brand. Our deeper understanding allows us to develop a tailored brand strategy that’s clear, concise and on-point. So your brand can thrive.

We’ve helped many clients build strong brand strategies that underpin everything they do – you can check out some of our succes stories here. With a Better brand strategy behind them, our clients have seen first-hand the power of good strategy.

And we can do the same for your brand.

Got more questions? We’ve got the answers! Contact us to find out how our brand strategy agency in Sydney can make things better for your business.

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Do you do brand strategy development for clients in Sydney only?

Better is based in Sydney, and we offer our services to clients throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart. Additionally, we work with clients based in Europe and in the United States.

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