Allianz Retire+

Allianz, a renowned global insurance company, entered a joint venture with PIMCO to launch a new entity in Australia called Allianz Retire+.

Although both companies are global brands, Allianz Retire+ needed to establish itself as a serious player in the retirement market and to gain the trust of both financial advisers and retirees as a secure option for retirement investment products. Previous association was with insurance.


The objectives were to help launch the new Allianz Retire+ brand into the Australian market, to build a brand synonymous with retirement, and to create awareness and familiarity with their new retirement products – Future Safe.


While many retirement companies primarily focused their communications on fear and on the idea of not having enough money during retirement, we recommended a different approach – one that empowers retirees and encourages them to play an active role in protecting their hard-earned retirement savings after a lifetime of work.

So we at Better focused the messaging of the digital campaigns on the positive statement “The retirement Australians deserve” to help position Allianz Retire+ as a partner who empowers their clients and gives them new options to make their own decisions for a well deserved retirement.


Over a period of 2 years, Allianz Retire+ has seen a 333% increase in unprompted brand awareness and 160% in prompted brand awareness among their target audiences. They have also seen a 50% increase in consideration of their new product Future Safe over the same period.

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