NGS Super

NGS Super is the leading industry superfund in the education and community sectors.

In 2021 The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) published MySuper Performance Test that featured Super Funds that failed the performance test. The funds with failed Superfund products were required to inform their members about the outcomes of this test. This provided a great set-up for NGS Super to attract potentially unhappy customers through communication.


The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness and attention about the outcomes of the APRA test, focusing on the underperformance of the direct competitors in the education and community sectors, and to highlight the strengths, values and qualities that enabled NGS Super top pass the test with the opportunity to switch to NGS Super.


The central idea of our campaign was the simple message: “We passed, they failed.” A bold, clear, strong message that is familiar to everyone from the years spent in schools, and especially for their target audience who work in the education sector.

Distinctive hand drawn elements supported and enhanced the messaging to bring a vibrant feel to the campaign, while retaining recognition of the NGS Super brand. This was achieved through core brand assets of typography and colours.


A bold, distinctive campaign that spoke clearly to the target audience, with a primary focus on the positive statement that NGS Super passed. The new ads were rolled out successfully across the NGS Super website and multiple digital and social channels, delivering key campaign goals including member sign up and the use of super comparison tools.

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