Workplace Strategy Group

Workplace Strategy Group is a new change management company based in the UK. They are passionate about everything relating to workplace transformations and the development of new ways of working environments to improve employee experience, increase motivation and ultimately increase productivity.

They combine change management with psychology, colour psychology and wellbeing and translate those into tailor-made end-to-end solutions for complete workplace transformation.


Our aim at Better was to articulate a unique brand strategy and an relevant brand position for the newly formed Workplace Strategy Group, and to develop an optimistic and energetic visual branding for the company to help launch it in the UK and across Europe as a fresh, new voice in the market.


After researching the industry and conducting multiple interviews with the founding partners, we were able to articulate a unique brand position for Workplace Strategy Group, one that is positive, empowering and that communicates the essence of their service: “Workplaces Powered by Discovery”. We focused on their extensive experience and insights and their passion to transform workplaces into dynamic and productive ways of working.


We needed to present Workplace Strategy Group as a serious player in a competitive and an established market. The result was an uplifting, positive brand that translated the experience and process of this unique business offering, into an elegant and human-centric visual, consistent across all their creative.

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