Perennial Better Future

Perennial Better Future is an investment company focusing on the next generation of authentic Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing.

They only invest in companies making a positive contribution to society and the environment, while pursuing strong, consistent returns for investors. They invest in high-quality, sustainable industries like healthcare, education, renewable energies & low-carbon technologies, and in companies that improve social welfare.


Over the past number of years ESG investing has seen growth at a rapid pace. As a result many investment companies set up and launched their own ESG investment products.

The objective of this campaign was to create awareness of the Perennial Better Future brand with two key target audiences – financial advisers and direct investors. Also to educate them on how Perennial Better Future is different from its competitors and to position Perennial Better Future as the preeminent pure-play ESG investment manager in Australia.


Our team at Better identified that what separates ESG investments from ordinary investments is the emotional appeal for the customers. ESG investors expect more than just returns, they care about environmental and social issues, and they want the companies they invest in to contribute positively to society and to the planet.

The core idea of the campaign was build on the strong insight that Perennial Better Future enables its customers through their investments, to contribute to doing good for people, the environment and the planet. It is these investments that empower companies around the world to help create a Better Future while still deliver strong returns.


Based on the strategic insights, we developed a distinctive look and feel for the Perennial Better Future brand with colours that are vibrant, future-focused and positive, combined with human-centric empowering images of people in a shaft of light that talk to a better and brighter future.

We also conducted pre- & post-campaign research with financial advisers on brand awareness, familiarity and potential demand. Five months after the campaign started, the levels of familiarity of the financial advisers who recalled seeing the campaign increased by 100%, and the Perennial Better Future product consideration within that target audience increased by 112.5%.

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