Amegilla is an online business offering stylish gift boxes filled with gourmet European products. Amegilla is named after a blue-banded bee native to Australia.

Amegilla works in partnership with Züriwerk – a foundation committed to ensuring equality for people with disabilities by giving them the opportunity to learn a profession in order to live a more fulfilling lives.


Our aim at Better was to develop a new brand and visual identity for Amegilla that reflects both the uniqueness of the Amegilla bee along with exceptional quality of the products the business offers.

We also needed to help successfully launch the Amegilla business in Swiss and European markets by targeting the right audience and generating leads to new website.


Using the Australian Amegilla bee as our inspiration, we created a distinctive visual brand identity that communicated gourmet products, sophisticated gift boxes and excellent taste.

The work included the development of a new logo, monograms, luxurious colour palette, photo mood references, typography as well as the Amegilla e-commerce website in three languages.


Amegilla prides itself on sourcing the best quality products from Switzerland and its European neighbours and at giving equal work opportunity to people with disability. Now it has a brand identity in line with its values that truly reflects the essence of this unique brand. The digital campaign resulted in a 9% monthly increase in online sales and a 30% monthly increase in converting site visitors to buyers.

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